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Ariel Robotic Skimmer

Ariel Robotic Skimmer

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ARIEL Automatic Robot Pool Skimmer
Pool Type: In-Ground/Above Ground

All you have to do is press her power button and set her afloat. While you are doing “better things”, Ariel is operating all day to gobble up pesky leaves and debris before they have a chance to decay and sink.

Ariel is fully solar powered unit, and with a powerful backup battery, Ariel can run 10 hours and more off a charge if there is no sunlight available. Slide out oversized filter tray includes an embedded mesh filter that collects and retains particles all the way down to 200 microns in size, effectively filtering all pool water that passes through Ariel’s tray. All-over coverage. Ariel smartly navigates the entire top of your pool avoiding obstacles with her intelligently built sensors. Ariel travels 10-20 feet every minute and virtually avoids ever getting stuck. The best part Ariel does not use cords or hoses. Pool surface cleaning at its finest.

“She doesn’t clean the bottom because she doesn’t need to”
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