Liner Installation & Replacement

Splash Pool & Spa carries the highest quality vinyl liners with fast installs done correctly the first time. Our professionals will come out to your house and measure to ensure the perfect fit. We will then custom order your new liner and install as soon as we receive it.

Our full line of our vinyl liners can be found in our store.

We will then custom order your new liner and install as soon as we receive it.

Not sure if you need a new liner? Here's how to know it's time:

    • Visible cracks or rips. These tend to occur over time as vinyl liners deteriorate due to UV rays from the sun and pool chemicals used to keep water soft. If it is a small rip or crack, you can patch it using one of our patch kits, such as the Boxer Vinyl Patch Kit.

    • Water Loss: It's is not always easy to determine if your pool is leaking water as most leaks are small and gradual. We recommend monitoring the water level, especially if your lined is more than ten years old.
    • Fading or Staining: UV rays and chemicals lead to fading, and while most liners are fade-resistant, over time they will fade. If your current liner is very faded, it's a sign that it is time to consider replacing it as the vinyl will become brittle, leading to leaks.

    • Stretching & Wrinkles: Wrinkles aren't just something that happens to humans as we age. If you are in an area with groundwater issues, your liner might stretch after being installed and will cause wrinkles to form. If the liner is coming out of the top track of the pool, you might be able to pop it back in yourself by heating the liner with hot water. If it keeps happening, call us.

Contact us about your liner. We're always happy to help.