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Hot Tub Serum - 2L

Hot Tub Serum - 2L

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Your Hot Tub / Spa shell cleaner is part of your family. It deserves to be chemically pampered.

The Hot Tub cleanser serum is the only weekly hot tub maintenance product you will see in this category that has the highly regarded EPA Registration filter cleaner that is NOT designated as a sanitizer/oxidizer.

  • Compare Serum to many other brands that you see as “Pool care supplies” & hot tub maintenance product. Hot Tub Serum performs a Powerful Clean Performance. Our pool water cleaner polishes water to super brilliance, reduces sanitizer decay rates for extra sanitizer mileage, softens water for the ultimate soaking escape, and mitigates organic plumbing & jet bio-contamination.
  • Jetted tub cleaner and water treatment Serum maintenance is added at a weekly rate of one ounce per 100 gallons. The serum will work with chlorine, bromine, ozone, mineral sticks, enzymes, or any other chemical protocols you now use.
  • This Hot Tub Cleaner Serum will help protect all your hot tub components and increases filtration efficiency. The jetted tub plumbing system cleaner product is the time-tested weekly maintenance that will save you money over the years and pamper you with the benefits of hot water therapy.
  • Cut down on costly repairs and replacements with properly cleansed filters, pipes, jets and heaters using our hot tub cleanser and serum products. Our product is one of the best cleaning supplies/accessories used as a skimmer for your swimming pool/hot tub/bathtub/spa/jacuzzi.
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