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Cover Doctor Grey Safety Cover Patch Kit

Cover Doctor Grey Safety Cover Patch Kit

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Cover Doctor Patch Kits are designed for At-Home Quick Fix Applications. 

Holes and tears greater than 3” should NOT be patched.  If holes and tears are greater than 3”, the cover should be returned to GLI using the Cover Doctors® Repair and Replacement program.  Please contact us for details.

Instructions for installation:

  • Contains one 8.5” X 11” self-adhesive patch kit
  • Can be cut into multiple smaller patches.
  • Thoroughly clean area on both sides of the cover that will be patched.  It is important to make sure the area is completely dry before applying the patch.
  • Trim any loose threads around the hole so the patch will lay flat.
  • Cut the patch so it will overlap the hole by 1” all the way around and round off all corners on the patch. 
  • Lay cover on a flat solid surface.
  • Remove backing from self-adhesive patch and apply to the cover by pressing firmly and work across to remove wrinkles and air pockets.
  • For best results, apply a second patch to the backside of the cover by repeating the steps above.
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