Alg Out Ultra 3 in 1 (8 x 100g cubes)

Alg Out Ultra 3 in 1 (8 x 100g cubes)

Splash Pool and Spa Peterborough

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      ALG OUT ULTRA 3 IN 1 destroys and prevents the formation of algae in pool water. This innovative algaecide comes in a long-lasting pre-dosed solid format that’s both safe and easy to use and store. ALG OUT ULTRA 3 IN 1 treats a wide variety of algae (green, yellow and black). Once dissolved in water, its unique concentrated formula also improves filtration and helps to maintain water temperature.

  • Benefits
  • Eliminates algae in pool water
  • Improves filtration by reducing build-up of organic matter in the filter
  • Creates a film to help maintain water temperature.