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Kreepy Krauly Male/Female 40" Section Hose Replacement

Kreepy Krauly Male/Female 40" Section Hose Replacement

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The hose set, manufactured by Pentair, serves as a reliable replacement part. Crafted from the same high-grade materials as the original factory components, these hoses are genuine OEM products that instill trust in all our customers.

The hose performs a crucial role by providing power to the cleaner through the skimmer and enabling it to traverse the entire pool during the cleaning process. For proper installation, connect the hose to the cleaner and install each section until it reaches the farthest point of your pool. Wet the ends in the pool water to facilitate attachment, then twist and push the female ends onto the male ends.

This aqua blue male and female hose set measures 40 feet, ensuring ample length to span most pools. One section of the hose features two female ends and is intended for installation last, connecting to your pool's vacuum connection.

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