Solar Blanket 18' x 36' Rect.  11 mil

Solar Blanket 18' x 36' Rect. 11 mil

Splash Pool and Spa Peterborough

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Fits any pool, in ground or above-ground, from small to Olympic size. Within minutes it can be trimmed to fit any shaped pool. Attractive marine blue tint, clear, and navy tint enhance the natural beauty of your pool. Available in 3 different qualities to suit every buyers need. The Sunbubble™ design will give you a durable, efficient, long lasting pool cover. Maintaining your pool can cost a small fortune as costly chemicals and water are continually being lost through evaporation. The Sunbubble™ reduces this evaporation. Your chemical costs are consequently reduced, and your water loss is virtually eliminated. The Sunbubble™ dramatically increases the efficiency of your pool heater, reducing heating costs. The sun’s heat is transmitted through the translucent Sunbubble™ and is absorbed in the water below. Floating on the surface, thousands of unique solar air cells retain the absorbed heat to raise the pool temperature by up to 10-15˚ F. This lets you swim comfortably more hours in the day, more days in the year.

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