Opie the Orca Inflatable Pool Pet

Opie the Orca Inflatable Pool Pet

Splash Pool and Spa Peterborough

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Opie is a 36" long Orca that can be played with under the water. Instead of filling this with air and floating on top of the water, this inflatable has been designed to be filled with water. They actually GLIDE UNDER the water liike real animals.


  • Quick and easy to fill
  • Safe for all ages 
  • STEPs Endorsed – Great for kids with special needs or disabilities 


  • Pool Pets are easy to inflate/deflate with the custom supplied nozzle. Simply follow the easy-to-use instructions that come with every Pool-Pet!

The story behind Pool Pets:

Pool Pets were invented by a father of four. The idea was thought of 20 years ago when he had just begun to scuba dive and swim with marine animals. He had a great idea of creating that same experience for his kids. In 2014, the time had come to bring this idea into reality. After some research and production, he came out with Pool Pets. These days, his four kids and eleven grandchildren enjoy Pool Pets.

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